DIY Farmhouse look

Farmhouse look on a budget

You may go to the store and see your dream farmhouse door, shiplap for the wall, or bed frame and think “I could never afford that!” But, what if you could? With a little know-how, wood, and screws you could have a farmhouse look that didn’t cost you a fortune!

Projects we’ve done

If you walked into my house today, you’d probably be hit with two different styles happening. Farmhouse and Rustic. I love them both, along with others, but the style I’ve gone with this house has been more along those lines! We have two accent walls in our house that are done by old wood, a sliding farmhouse style door, another farmhouse style door, and last but not least, a bed-frame that is very rustic looking.

None of this has been done right away. Quite the opposite! When we first moved into our house almost 4 years ago it was a fixer upper in about every aspect of the word. We put new flooring down, tore up carpet, painted rooms, and tore down walls in an effort to make a house look more like a home. It’s been a process…and it’s still not done, but we’ve made a lot of progress!

All that to say, there’s no need to rush in and try to accomplish everything in a short amount of time. Pick something in your house that you need/want done first and go for that! I’m going to take you through a few of the projects we’ve done and tell you how we got there and how you can too!

Disclaimer: you will find Amazon links throughout this post to different products. By purchasing something through one of them, it will not cost you any extra, but I will receive a small commission.

Project #1-accent wall in living room

Tip number one when it comes to DIY, especially furniture or doors, would be to save money on materials as much as possible! This might seem obvious, but if you have a project in mind, see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere before you buy new. It will help so much with the financial side of it!

First up is the accent wall in our living room. A super easy project to dress up a wall a little!

Close up of red wood wall

Close up of our accent wall in the living room

Close up straight on of old red wood wall

As you can see, this wood is pretty worn looking, but it matched the look we were going for in the house.

If you already have the wood on hand, like I mentioned, this project is going to be super easy and very inexpensive! We found a bunch of red wood like this from someone local that was trying to get rid of it out of his barn. Let me tell you, we put it to good use! My husband used it to try and level out the sub floor, (emphasis on the word try, we live in the Ozarks so nothing is level around here! :). It’s also used in the bathroom, on a barn door we built, and finally this wall! Believe me when I say it’s everywhere in the house!

So gather your wood, some screws, a drill, and some get er’ done attitude and get to work on the wall you want to dress up bit!

Obviously, the wood you choose and if you did any work on it before you put it up will determine how it looks. You can make this look however you choose, and that’s the fun in a DIY project! You have control of the turn out and how it will end up looking in your house!

Project #2-Barn door

Probably one of the most popular farmhouse things that people love and want to duplicate in their own house is this right here….a barn door.

Again, a super easy and inexpensive task if you have the material. That same red wood is used on this barn door we have going into our nursery. Once you have the material, it’s just a matter of putting the pieces together in the way you want, screwing together and hanging it up! You can also decide whether you’d rather do a sliding door or a regular swinging door. As you can see, we went with the sliding style for this particular door.

If you decide on the sliding door style, learn from our mistake and buy the correct sliders in the first place! We had gotten some cheaper ones from a garage sale and ended up bending them with the weight of the door…so to Amazon we went! Linked below is a similar slider to ours.

barn door sliders-

Here are a few pictures of how this particular door turned out.

Picture of old red sliding barn door with black sliders
Side view of the same red wood sliding barn door
Side view on other side of red wood sliding barn door
Close up of black sliders on the sliding, red barn door

An up-close look at the sliders.

Project #3-accent wall in bathroom

One more accent wall! Does the wood look familiar? Haha. Same red wood, but it’s painted this time!

Not to sound like a broken record, but grab your tools (you know the drill by now, no put intended!), and get started! The bathroom in our house has been an ongoing project, but this accent wall really helped to achieve the look we wanted.

Close up of grey, wood wall in bathroom

Project #4-head board on bed

Rustic wood headboard with two pieces of wood. One Verticcal, one horizontal

One of the first projects we did was this right here. Not everyone needs or wants a headboard, but it’s great to have to put books on, ect. This wood was something that my mom had at her house, so again, a super easy and inexpensive project! Just a matter of putting the wood together in the style you’re looking for and attaching together. If you can find some really old, cool wood like this, then use it for something! Whether it’s a headboard, entry-table, or coffee bar, it would be a shame to let these old pieces go to waste!

Project #5-swinging barn door

Close of swinging barn door

We built on our oldest son’s room before our second child was born last year and decided on another barn style door. This one we made into a swinging style door. The wood was just scraps left over from the materials used to build his room, so no extra money needed to be spent! Again, just putting together the wood and screwing together is all that’s required!

If you have a door that needs to be put in somewhere, this would be a great, easy option to consider!

Your turn!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on putting the farmhouse style in your home. I’d love to hear your favorites and the projects that you have done or will do in your own home! The options are numerous with some creativity and know-how!

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